We're reinventing
your dental experience

Insurance Unnecessary
No need for insurance. No surprise costs. No denied claims. 100% covered.
Dental Wellness Tracking
Personalized tracking and support to keep you healthy between visits.
About Dentwell

Dentwell is a dental office that is re-imagining your oral health experience


We're paid to keep you healthy

A healthy mouth doesn't need fixing, and less teeth fixing means lower costs and a happier you! Our goal is to keep you 100% healthy, away from the needles and Novocaine.

You'll pay a monthly membership fee and commit to a membership period. All non-cosmetic dental treatments are 100% included.

Initial membership fees are based on how healthy your mouth is. And fees go down over time. The better you eat, brush and floss, the more you save! Just like it should be.

bad genes

Bad genes...
Not end of story.

Bad genes don't create teeth that decay on their own. We use the latest technology to discover how your teeth and gums respond to foods, brushing, and flossing over time.

Then we create a personal wellness plan to support you in keeping your mouth healthy... even if you did get your parent's bad tooth genes.


Personalized Information

Smart toothbrushes and tooth-mounted sensors detect the impact of what you eat and drink on your oral health over time.

Just in Time

Personalized Care

No wasted visits or surprise expenses. We help you to settle into a routine that works for your health, your budget, and your busy schedule.

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